Written Translations

Comprehensive translation of legal, medical, and technical documents, software localization, marketing material, manuals, web pages, travel guides, proofreading, glossary management, and more!

Regular and rush rates available upon request.

Simultaneous & Consecutive Interpreting

Court proceedings, training seminars, scientific and gaming conventions, business and board meetings, international affairs, diplomatic events, foreign policy, sales presentations, teleconferences.


large-scale projects

  • Autodesk Revit Architecture

  • Merrill Lynch Class Action Lawsuit

  • Hermann Rorschach - Psychodiagnostics

  • San Francisco Chaperon Multilingual Travel Guide

  • Immunalysis ELISA Tests

  • Hiscox Insurance Co. Ltd. - Request for Bi-lateral UK/Germany Advance Pricing Agreement (APA)

  • NuCapital Investments Joint Venture Agreement

  • Novell Netware 4.0 Localization

  • Palm Pilot II, V, and VII Software Localization

Career highlights - Interpreting

  • Mercedes-Benz Press Conference at New York International Auto Show 2019

  • Merck MMD Global Webcasts, Quarterly Townhall Meetings

  • Blizzard Entertainment BlizzCon 2018

  • Facebook Community Leadership Program - International Summit

  • Maui Jim International Sales & Marketing Meeting

  • Goldman Sachs conference for BNL

  • Youtube Community Contributor Summit

  • PhiFactor Presentation/Pitch to Angel Investors

  • Google Top Contributor Summit 2015

  • German and Italian Delegations in the Silicon Valley